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Carp Fishing Manual

Carp Fishing Manual
Carp Fishing Manual By Kevin Green - (Hardback) £21.95
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To some anglers, success is only measured by the size of their catch, while others set their sights far more realistically.

The new Carp Fishing Manual, published this month by Haynes is aimed at this second group of fishermen who want to learn to catch carp but aren’t obsessed with watching the scales for kilos, pounds and ounces.

The manual makes carp fishing easy to understand and dispels some of the myths concerning super rigs and magical bait concoctions that surround the sport, arming the reader with a fountain of knowledge and all the very latest information.

Written in most parts by the late Kevin Green, editor of Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazine, the book has been finished by his close friend and fellow angler, Brian Skoyles and colleague Mike Rouse after his untimely death in July 2013. 

In his introduction, Kevin says that ‘carp fishing needn’t be rocket science, in fact, understanding the behaviour of the fish itself is more important to catching them than any rig or bait. When all’s said and done, a carp is a fish much like any other fish…’

He has used this laid-back approach to meticulously outline each stage of the process, helping to make the book both practical and easy to follow. It is presented in full colour, with clear step-by-step photography and masses of hints and tips that will aid both beginner and experienced carp fishermen alike.

Brian Skoyles said: “It was an absolute honour to be asked by Kevin to complete the book that he had so passionately started, and sadly, almost finished before he passed away.

“The book is testament to his exceptional knowledge of the sport and I don’t doubt for a second how proud he’d be that people can now learn about and enjoy carp fishing just as much as he did with the help of this fantastic Haynes Manual.”

The Carp Manual provides a wealth of information on everything from the carp itself and how it behaves, essential tackle, understanding rigs and bait, landing the fish for that all-important moment of truth and how to safely return it to the water.

This essential guide will provide readers with everything they need to know about the sport before they even get to the water.  
About the author: Kevin Green

The late Kevin Green sadly passed away, aged 40, in July 2013 after a short illness. At the time he was editor of Improve Your Coarse Fishing magazine and he also wrote the Coarse Fishing Manual for Haynes. Kevin had written most of this book by the time he became ill. At Kevin’s request his close friend, Brian Skoyles, stepped in to finish it.  

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