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The History of Carp Fishing in Oxfordshire

The History of Carp Fishing in Oxfordshire
The History of Carp Fishing in Oxfordshire By Paul Harris & Geoff Adams - (Hardback) £35.00
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Carp fishing has a very rich history. In the early days of it becoming popular, Kent and the Colne Valley were the hot beds of our fledgling pastime and of course there was the legendary Redmire Pool.

Into the new Millennium and one area above all others exploded onto the scene, this was of course Oxfordshire. The quality of the stock of carp in this county was incredible but where did these beautiful scaley beasts come from? When did the Leney’s get stocked?  What were the origins of the famous Linch Hill fish and what of the history of the now infamous Linear Fisheries?

Over the course of the pages of this book all will be revealed as Paul and Geoff have put together the facts of how these lakes were stocked and also banded together many successful local anglers, some of which have never published any of their catches, who tell their fishing tales on these stunning lakes.

With more than 300 pictures of some of this country’s finest ever carp and several full page maps, this huge volume tells the story of Oxfordshire’s carp fishing history whilst still leaving a little bit of mystery for your imagination! 

Included within the pages of this book is the foreword written by local legendary angler and former tackle dealer Joe Taylor.

We have chapters from Paul Kitchin on the legendary Vauxhall Lake.

David Brian Williams tells us the story of the lakes in the City of Oxford itself!

Chris Robinson has written an incredible chapter on two of Dorchester’s lakes. Orchid and The Lagoon. The history told in Chris’s chapter on these lakes is just incredible and wait until you see the pictures!

Next door to The Lagoon is Dorchester’s Alliance Club Lake and Joe Forrester tells his story of the incredible scaley carp that inhabited this lake and how he outwitted them.

We have a real coup in the fact that brilliant all round Oxford angler John Everard agreed to be interviewed and he has an incredible of amount of historical information to share as has Gerald Stratford who is also included in this informative chapter.

No book about Oxfordshire’s carp fishing history would be complete without the story of Oxfords first forty and what a story it is. Richard “Paddy” Paradine has never written or published any of his catches before and we have his interview here for you of his historic catch which was kept under the radar for so long.

Nick Stansfield is a brilliant young Oxford carper who doesn’t shout about his catches. We have two incredible chapters from him from two of the county’s most iconic lakes, The Leisure Park and The Big S!

Josh Chatfield has written a fantastic chapter which really gives you an insight into how fishing on The Leisure Park was back in the day when the Leney’s were still about and culminates with his capture of The Big Leney at its biggest ever weight, the iconic “Paddy’s Fish”

We have  brilliant chapters on Newlands from Ginger Robinson and Milton Pools from Stuart Rothwell.

Danny Aplin has written about his time on Linch Hill which will just blow you away! His pictures alone are worth purchasing this book.

Nick Franklin has written a lovely chapter on one of Oxfordshire’s little known lakes and his account really hit’s home that carp fishing isn’t always about the numbers game. Sometimes it’s just you fishing for the unknown!

There are superb chapters on Manor Farm from Paul Hathaway and St John’s from Stewart Roper.

If that wasn’t enough Paul and Geoff have wrote chapters themselves which cover the stocking history of lakes, how the gravel company ARC played such a big part in the early stockings of Oxford’s lakes, the early days of Linch Hill and Linear Fisheries and facts and stories regarding Oxford’s other lakes, some very off the radar!

If you like your history, you like carp fishing and love stories of beautiful scaley carp, there is only one book to purchase this year. Here it is…………….


UK: £7.00 Europe: £15.00 World: £25.00

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