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In Pursuit of the Largest

In Pursuit of the Largest
In Pursuit of the Largest By Terry Hearn - (Hardback) £29.95
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The outstanding lists of accolades that Terry Hearn has already earned bear testimony to this young angler's exceptional carp fishing ability. At the age of just twenty six, he has already achieved the enviable achievement of capturing seven different 40lb+ carp from six of the country's hardest waters, both on and off the busy southern circuit. Terry has won the coveted Cobra Carp Cup twice; first in '97 for the capture of 'Mary' at a British record weight of 55lb 13oz, and then again in '98 for the capture of the 'Unknown' 48lb Black mirror from the Brook in Kent. Later that year he was awarded the Angling Times Carp Angler of the Year.

He has earned along the way the respect of many of the country's leading carp anglers, and now he has written his first book that promises to be a revelation to anglers of any experience and one that we are sure will propel him into the annals of modern carp fishing history, along with his own angling icons - Hutchy, McDonald and Maylin.


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