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Thames Carping

Thames Carping
Thames Carping By Rob Maylin & Friends - (Hardback) £30.00
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This is one of those books EVERY carp angler, novice or expert, still water angler or river angler should read - a book dedicated solely to the greatest river in the UK, a river that glides majestically through our capital and contains some of the finest looking carp in the land – The River Thames.

Every carp in this book was caught from Old Father Thames, some huge carp – thirties, forties and a fifty, but why are so many Thames monsters being caught now? Where have they come from, and where is the best area to fish if you want to catch these monsters of the flow? This issue will answer these questions and more.

In 2018, Ash Geden rocked the news feed with his capture of three Thames forties, and his chapter 'Chasing Dreams on the River Thames' makes breathtaking reading.

Nick Helleur also landed the first Thames fifty in 2018 after a two-year campaign for this, the King Of The Thames. As with most river carp, The King was an escapee, almost certainly due to its location originally being one of the Dinton Pastures stock. This fish has been the Thames record for many years, although most of the previous captors have kept their catch under wraps. However, this carp has featured in Big Carp a few times in the past, right back to when it was only 30lb, and more recently when caught by Katch Bullet and Steve Shenfield at weights in the low forties. Here for the first time is the history of The King, along with many interesting facts about the Thames and its carp stock. Nick’s capture will certainly mean other high profile anglers will soon be visiting this stretch… Anglers like Terry Hearn and Dave Lane will undoubtedly already be making plans!

David Wallen’s fantastic 'Life on the Thames' chapter also features some huge river carp and tells the tale of life while boat fishing this amazing venue, the largest piece of water in the UK – the planning, the prepping and the dedication needed to be successful. Aiden Savan’s account of his Thames life emphasises the passion these guys have and the respect these fish have earned, while Simon Rumsey’s chapter focuses on his hunt for his first Thames thirty, something we can all relate to.

Mikey Frost’s huge Thames common would have been a record not so long ago, the highlight of his never-ending campaign so far. Mike Wilson takes a look back at his long Thames fishing history and also asks what is the true origin of Thames carp? Zeth Christie has spent many years targeting these magical Thames fish; he’s a great all-round angler and a great addition to this book. Jason Smith’s chapter emphasises the dedication that some of these Thames carpers go to consistently catch these beautiful creatures.

One of our great lady anglers, Jo Green, also has a passion for these stunning beasts, and her chapter on the Berkshire Thames makes exciting reading. Paul Miller has spent over 15 years fishing, moved onto the Thames when syndicate carping lost its appeal, and he never regretted it! Graham Stevens spends a season on the Thames, catching some incredible Thames specimens.

It’s a milestone in carp angling literature – the first carp book ever solely dedicated to the Thames.

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