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Rob Maylin - Big Carp Legends

Rob Maylin - Big Carp Legends
Rob Maylin - Big Carp Legends By Rob Maylin - (Hardback) £27.95
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To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Big Carp magazine, this series of books entitled ‘Big Carp Legends’ will encompass the greatest names in carp fishing history over the past two decades. The content of the books in this series will be a mixture of articles from the archives of Big Carp, life histories of famous anglers and original articles specially commissioned for the series and never before published. One by one these books will build into the greatest collection of modern day carp fishing history ever printed; a collection that every serious carp angler will want to own.

Rob Maylin’s incredible carp fishing life has spanned over 40 years. His contribution to carp angling literature is second to none. Author of five iconic books, Rob’s colourful persona has been making headlines around the world, not only for his angling achievements, but also for his unique philosophy to carp fishing – that of enjoying life along its pathways. Editor of Big Carp magazine for over 20 years, you might wonder what Rob’s latest book would be about.

Well here for the first time are all the things that didn’t get written about first time round, the truth behind all the rumours, the whole story of what Rob and the ‘Famous Five’ really got up to behind the scenes.

Guaranteed to have you laughing, here is Rob’s life history, warts and all…


UK: £3.00 Europe: £10.00 World: £15.00

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