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Lee Jackson - Big Carp Legends

Lee Jackson - Big Carp Legends
Lee Jackson - Big Carp Legends By Lee Jackson - (Hardback) £24.95
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Lee was delighted to be chosen for the series and actually took the time to rewrite his whole book so it depicted perfectly his amazing carp fishing career.

Starting in the 70’s, Lee fished locally on the famous Kent waters of the day – Dartford, Horton Kirby and Sutton, and he soon earned a reputation for being a very successful and consistent catcher of big carp. Brooklands and Darenth were next on his list, meeting some great and lifelong friends such as Colin Swaden, Curly Hatchman, Martin Locke and Kevin Maddocks, each one bouncing ideas around and putting together those ‘early day’ jigsaws. His affair with that famous Kent carp, She, is legendary, but it was his capture of the unknown 40 from the Colne Valley that sprung Lee into the headlines. Savay was next on his list with considerable day ticket success, and whereas his campaign on Springwood would last over a decade, most of his captures have never been published, until now.

The Blue Lake, Longfield and Cotton Farm became his next obsessions. That was until he found Conningbrook, where he was one of its most successful anglers ever, catching over 20 fish topped by a new British record! Lee is without doubt a true legend, but he is more than that. Lee has never let his fame go to his head. He is, and always has been one of the sport’s real gentlemen, a great ambassador for the art of carp fishing, and genuinely an all-round nice guy. Now here is your chance to read his life story.


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