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Carping AFTER-CUT By Jim Shelley - (Hardback) £35.00
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At last, the 3rd book from one of the UK's most prolific catcher of carp 'Jim Shelley' is now available.

Following in the footsteps of his sell-out 2nd book 'Carping Re-Cut' this book documents Jim's fishing over the last few incredible years, no one comes within light years of Jim's captures over this time with numerous 50 pluses from some very testing venues and a shed full of backup 30's and 40's. Here is what Jim had to say.....

"My new book is finally here ‘Carping AFTER-CUT’, after spending hundreds of hours writing it Bankside. Come join me in the next instalment detailing my highs and lows over the last few years. Starting from Charnwood, Ellis, Dinton, Fen, Swavesey, Woolpack, Bayeswater, Sutton, Buchan plus some poaching for good measure. Like ‘Carping RE-CUT’ there will be plenty going on to keep you gagging for more."

Order NOW don't delay, this book will sell out fast as the print run was only 3,000 copies. Carping Re Cut sold out and 2nd hand copies are now £100!!

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UK: £4.99 Europe: £15.00 World: £25.00

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